The contradiction in using green technologies

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One of the main reasons to the increasing applications of rare earth metals is the growing importance of green technologies to save on energy and resources for the sake of the environment. However, as long as no efficient and reliable recycling process is developed, to obtain these rare earths from waste streams, the environmental benefit of such green technologies can be undermined due to the environmental impacts of obtaining rare earths as well as disposing of them.

It is important that with pursuing our dream to green societies and shining futures, we do not make huge sacrifices like what happened to Baotou, China. Baotou is still the world’s biggest supplier of rare earth minerals and today, it’s hell on earth. The winning of rare earth metals is a classic example to show that the cost of destroying the environment is very low in China.

The Toxic Lake of Black Sludge in Baotou

The Toxic Lake of Black Sludge in Baotou

With this blog entry I wanted to draw attention to the fact that we are not only trying to find a way to conquer the shortage of these materials in Europe but in one way or another we are also saving the environment by lowering the need of mining rare earth metals!

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