Research focused on rare earth elemants is HOT!

Last month the 10th edition of the famous international conference of Molten slags, fluxes and salts took place in Seattle, Washington, USA. This conference is organized every 4 years by TMS. It is a leading conference for sharing process and mechanistic knowledge in high-temperature processing. This time the focus lay in the field of extractive metallurgy and development of novel materials.

Surprisingly, a lot of presentations were focused on rare earth elements. Investigations varied from recycling possibilities, to thermodynamic studies and molten salt researches. It s very obvious that Rare Earth researches are finding their way into the spotlights and are definitely becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Some examples from presentations are:

  • Electrochemical Recycling of Batteries using Molten oxides and Salts (Zhang Z. et al., Peking University)
  • In situ observation of Rare earth containing precipitated phase crystallization and solidification of CaO-SiO2-Nd2O3 and CaO-SiO2-Nd2O3-P2O5 Melts (Le T.H., KULeuven)
  • Techniques for measuring solubility and electrical conductivity in molten salts (Su S., Boston University)
  • Surface properties of molten fluoride-based salts (T. Villalon, Boston University)
  • etc.


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